GREECE/ISRAEL/CYPRUS WILDCARD Rules and Regulations - Logitech McLaren G Challenge 2021

By participating to the event and its tournament stages you accept the OFFICIAL RULES and the ON-TRACK RULES set by Logitech G.

On-track rules are subject to change if the organizer deems necessary before the start of the Semifinal and Grand FInal Stage.

All Stages of the event are subject to change if the organizer deems necessary and/or if needed in order to comply with local legislations and health measures against the Covid 19 pandemic

Stage 1 - Time Trial:

In order to participate you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Have an active account at the

  2. Be a resident of either Greece, Israel or Cyprus and be above 16 years of age

  3. Register as a participant to our Time Trial Tournament

  4. Soon after you complete your registration to the Time Trial Tournament you must fill in all fields at your Personal Settings

  5. Access to the Time Trial Server is granted within 24h of your registration once the Tournament begins (17th of September, 21:30 Greek Time)

  6. Lap Times achieved at the Time Trial Server in order to be considered valid must be done with the Mclaren 720s GT3 (2019). Lap times achieved with any other car will be ignored. The Time Trial Tournament ends on the 16th of October at 23:00 (Greek Time)

  7. Lap Time Standings at the challonge tournament page will be updated on daily basis and will only include the fastest 30 drivers of the tournament as it proceeds. For real time updated lap times check the link below.


Stage 2 - Semifinal:

From the 24th of October up to the 7th of November the fastest 30 drivers of stage 1 (Time Trial Tournament) will take part in a league of 3 Rounds. The top 8 drivers on the standings that have accumulated the most points at the end of stage 2 will advance to the Grand Final

All 3 Rounds will be broadcasted live from F1aXionTV

Round 1, 24th October, 21:30 at Paul Ricard

Round 2, 31st October, 21:30 at Spa

Round 3, 7th November, 21:30 at Silverstone

Duration of each Round 1 hour

Duration of Qualifying 20minutes

Stage 3 - Grand Final:

On the 20th of November, at a location that will be soon announced, the top 8 drivers of stage 2 will compete in a league of 3 rounds. At the end of the Grand Final the one driver that has accumulated the most points at the final standings will be declared as the winner of the wild card that will take him straight to the Logitech Mclaren G Challenge final at Las Vegas.

All 3 Rounds will be broadcasted live from F1aXionTV

Round 1, 20th of November, 21:00 at Brands Hatch

Round 2, 20th of November, 21:30 at Misano

Round 3, 20th of November, 22:00 at Nurburgring